Partners for Democratic Change Serbia (Partners Serbia)

Partners Serbia is a civil society organization devoted to upholding the rule of law, supporting civil society and institutional development in Serbia and in the region, and building local capacity through a reliance on local expertise. Partners Serbia specializes in the fields of rule of law, democracy, human rights, good governance, protection of privacy and personal data protection, alternative dispute resolution, change and conflict management. Established in 2008, Partners Serbia has also developed a distinctive expertise in mediation training, coaching and mentoring, assisting different institutions, from state bodies to commercial subjects, in developing systems for providing mediation services and tailor-made training to their staff and clients. 

Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI)

Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI) is a think tank dedicated to promoting integrity in Serbia, by combining research and policy advocacy. BIRODI developed the Local Anti-corruption Plan (LAP) System, that has been adopted by the ACAS as a model to be implemented in all Serbian LSG units. The experience and expertise developed is currently being transferred to a network of 90 local CSOs in Serbia, in order to secure the implementation of the LAP System. 

Law Scanner

Law Scanner is a local CSO working on regulatory reforms aimed to reduce potential weaknesses on corruption. Law Scanner offers the education and information about the mechanisms and methods of legal protection of citizens' rights, works on improved communication between citizens and institutions responsible for the protection of citizens’ rights and provides legal assistance when citizens’ rights are violated. Based on earned experience and expertise in the field of anti-corruption.


Ana Toskic

Expert on policy and advocacy in the domain of free access to information